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If inventors breakthrough, we all breakthrough

We, Romanians, are used to making do – in technology as in all other parts of life. Solving problems with whatever resources we have at hand is in our nature – which is not always the optimal way forward. But we believe that our inventive side was mostly overlooked and vastly underutilized, historically.


Therefore, we are looking for ways to put together:


  • The drive and technical expertise of the mature generations;
  • The lack of inhibitions and the creativity of the younger generations;
  • The acute need of Romanian economy to jump up on the global value chain.

We have a place in Space

Space Physiology

Research program at Pharmacy and Medicine University Carol Davila

Aerospace autonomous solutions

Autonomous Flight Technologies, UAV manufacturer for both civilian and military applications

Satellite data integration

Enten uses satellite data for crop optimizing technologies

AI & Machine Learning, Automation

Automation and Computer Science Faculty, Polytechnic University of Bucharest

In-space assembly

Robotic solution concept by Hyperpragma

INVENTIKUS is a cluster of Romanian private companies and institutions with strong Research & Development ethos and objectives. Our goal is to create a scalable system for making good use of the inventive capacity in today’s Romania.
We already started to build that system with educational institutions, private companies, policy makers, other non-profit entities sharing this vision, and – last but not least – independent inventors.

What we do

1.Patenting and Go-to-market assistance

We know that the patenting process (national and international) is complicated and the user experience with relevant institutions is not without a good deal of friction. Therefore we’re able and willing to assist individuals and interested entities in the following stages:

  • Pre-patent: Technology evaluation; patenting potential assessment, Intellectual Property strategy, State-of-the-art research
  • Patenting: Patent request writing and drawing; patent request filing
  • Post-patent: patent monitoring, prototyping
  • Go-to-market: Market analysis, connection to accelerators & funding, Go-to-market strategy

2. R&D on demand services

  • Physics and engineering design
  • CAD, Electronic and PCB design
  • Rapid prototyping – 3D printing, complex manufacturing, testing

3. Education

Inventors Playground, an Inventikus project, is a hands-on workshop for tech design and making. We provide the participants with knowledge, tools and assistance for designing, coding, 3D printing, off-the-shelf parts sourcing and assembly. The project was a finalist at Social Impact Award 2019, taking place under the umbrella of the European Solidarity Corps. Until 2021, two cohorts of future inventors enjoyed this experience.

We are able to create custom programs for high schools and universities and individual students; helping them to understand the inventive process, use relevant tools and create value for themselves and society.

About us

INVENTIKUS is a cluster of Romanian private companies and institutions, all with strong Research & Development ethos and objectives.

Our members

Ioana Borșan, Mudrost Group SRL

Ioana manages The Science Museum in Brasov and the seasonal Science Museum Constanta. Interactive displays demonstrate essential subjects from physics, astronomy, math, biology.

At Inventikus, Ioana manages the editing and publishing for the first Drone Manual for school and university students.

Emanuel Popp, Autonomous Flight Technologies

Emanuel Popp is the founder and leader of the first Romanian unmanned aerial vehicles company, with deep expertise in mechatronics R&D. AFT has been developing and manufacturing aerial platforms since 2004. AFT delivers complex solutions for civilian applications (first autopilot developed in 2006) and for military operations (first target drone produced in 2005). In 2017, AFT was recognized by NATO for the best STANAG 4609 implementation.

Radu L. Gorduza, ID Intelligence SRL

Radu is the founder of ID Intelligence, representing VBI in Eastern Europe. VBI is a leader in R&D of virtual reality solutions for phobias, addiction and PTSD. Radu is a Medical Doctor with 25 years of health sector experience. He led Abbott International, General Electric Healthcare, Affidea și Medicover in România and other EU countries. He holds a North-American MBA and participated at LSE and Harvard courses.

Rudolph Mihaiu, Enten

Rudolph is an entrepreneur and founder of Enten – helping farmers to produce more and better food by leveraging IoT and machine learning, Rudolph is focused on the responsible use of technology in agriculture, including farmers’ access to data. He believes that the eventual global food crisis will bring opportunities to redesign food production from the ground up, necessarily caring about the environment and the future generations.

Andrei Botescu, Horeca Automation SRL

Andrei is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Atelierele Pegas (bicycle design and manufacturing) and (focused on increasing human longevity). Horeca Automation integrates restaurant ordering with stock management and payment systems. Andrei’s expertise encompasses marketing, micromobility, IT integrated solutions, biotech, bioinformatics.

Ștefan Busnatu, Center of Innovation and eHealth, UMFCD

Stefan coordinates the Innovation & eHealth Center at “Carol Davila” Medicine and Pharmacy University in Bucharest; where he’s a vice-dean. Stefan is a cardiologist at Emergency Hospital “Bagdasar-Arseni” and an ambassador for Romania at the European Cardiology Society in the heart disease prevention program.

Florin Cobuz, Nod Makerspace

Florin is a founder of NOD Makerspace – co-working and manufacturing workshop. Founded in 2015, NOD is democratizing design and fabrication . NOD is an example of repurposing an unused industrial building into a large creative hub, aiming to build a strong open-source community. Florin is an architect, alumnus of “Ion Mincu” University for Architecture and Urban Development.

Dragos Bordescu, Mindloop

Dragos founded Mindloop with his colleagues, for designing better brain-machine interfaces. He believes that cooperation is key in innovation as in any other human endeavor. Impassioned by science and the human brain, Dragos earned a Physics PhD at Polytechnic University of Bucharest.

Sorin Axinte, Hyperpragma

Sorin is a serial entrepreneur, cofounder of Hyperpragma – a startup focused on modular design R&D for robotics and industry. The Orbiting Cubes mechatronic prototype, based on an original design of Radu Apetroaia (Hyperpragma cofounder), demonstrates the potential of self-structuring modular systems – awarded with a silver medal at the 2018 Geneva International Inventions Expo and a gold medal at 2020 ProInvent International Expo Cluj.

Cătălin Buciumeanu, Genesis Innovation Lab

Catalin’s company is a strategic and management consultancy for innovative business development and technology transfer. He believes that technology can be the engine for the sustainable development of society. He is also the president of Inventikus Cluster. Catalin is an alumnus of the Philosophy Faculty from Bucharest University.

Contact us

For more information about the project please write to:

Inventikus Bucharest

+40 724 066 514

Nod Markerspace

160, Splaiul Unirii

București 040041


Inventikus Brașov

+40 720 328 000

50A, B-dul. 15 Noiembrie

Within Patria Hall

Brașov, 500097


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